How I helped:

  • Worked on the Dealer Portal, Sales Portal, and Fiery Product microsites.
  • Custom theme development for Sitecore enterprise-level CMS.
  • Hand-coded the theme using HTML, CSS.
  • Tested the theme to make sure they work well across devices and browsers.
  • Created the dropdown navigation and tested fully across browsers and devices.
  • Created jQuery sliders for the home page.
  • Coded the profile page, account information forms and contact forms.
  • Added in form validations for the login and contact forms.
  • Created search and search results pages.
  • Embedded the product commercial videos that played on click with page overlay.
  • Created and styled the Resource Library pages and resource search results pages.
  • Worked extensively on the Favorites tabular data page and added jQuery to remove rows and sort the tabular content.

Credits: Solutionset (agency)

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Femy previously worked at 3marketeers as a front-end developer and recently returned as a freelancer to help us out during several busy months. She is talented and hard-working and handled surprise rush projects with great flexibility and positivity. It was very easy to work with her on the projects I managed.

Katarina Johannesson , Art Director at 3marketeers Advertising