How I helped:

  • Worked on the Dealer Portal, Sales Portal, and Fiery Product microsites.
  • Custom theme development for Sitecore enterprise-level CMS.
  • Hand-coded the theme using HTML, CSS.
  • Tested the theme to make sure they work well across devices and browsers.
  • Created the dropdown navigation and tested fully across browsers and devices.
  • Created jQuery sliders for the home page.
  • Coded the profile page, account information forms and contact forms.
  • Added in form validations for the login and contact forms.
  • Created search and search results pages.
  • Embedded the product commercial videos that played on click with page overlay.
  • Created and styled the Resource Library pages and resource search results pages.
  • Worked extensively on the Favorites tabular data page and added jQuery to remove rows and sort the tabular content.

Credits: Solutionset (agency)

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I had an opportunity to work with Femy on several projects at Samsung Telecoms. Femy is a very thoughtful, creative and hard working Software Engineer. She has an immense desire to succeed and always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done, with such high quality results. I believe that Femy will be a great asset to any organization and I strongly recommend her.

David Vu , Staff Engineer, Samsung Telecoms