Your designs, my WordPress development skills.

I work with your creative team, code the layouts into WordPress, and make them look (& work) as designed.

I’m passionate about using technology to support purpose-driven causes.

How I build WordPress websites:

  • Create a custom WordPress (Gutenberg) theme and custom page templates, optimized for page speed and following the accessibility guidelines.
  • Use Advanced Custom Fields to enhance WordPress capabilities.
  • Spruce up the website user experience with animations.
  • Add search-engine friendly code sprinkled with keywords and metadata in all the right places.
  • Create an easy to update WordPress admin area, set up with widgets.
  • Setup and integrate email marketing apps with WordPress.
  • Transfer and/or setup domains and hosting accounts, if needed.
  • Setup WordPress and website on the live server.
  • Setup plugins for SEO, backup, security, and Google analytics.

What you get

  • Optimized for speed: With a lean starter theme, fewer plugins, no cookie-cutter templates, & no bloated pages, you get a website that loads fast.
  • Mobile responsive: Your website behaves well on all devices and the site elements and navigation adjust well on mobile and tablets.
  • Easy to manage: I make it easy for you to maintain and update your website and content as your organization’s goals evolve.

Under the hood

  • I use a lean starter theme based on Underscores to build out the website and am well versed with the WordPress core.
  • I hand-code responsive themes with HTML5, CSS, JS, Sass, Git, Gulp and build page layouts with Gutenberg.
  • I like to keep the code simple and clean and not to rely on plugins for functionality as much as possible.
  • I focus on page speed and performance, sprinkle in on-page SEO and keep in mind the accessibility rules.

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