The best parts of WordCamp Sacramento

The best parts of WordCamp Sacramento

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WordCamp Sacramento has become the weekend-get-away tradition in our family for the last two years. As I hopped into our car after a power-packed final session on SEO, my son asked. “So mom, What was the best part of your conference?”

On our 2 hr drive back home, I started pondering about the things that I really enjoyed, while I was at the WordCamp. Being a chronic list-maker, my genuine attempt at answering his curiosity ended up in one long list*…

  1. Venue: Sacramento Convention Center, located in the heart of the city; Surrounded by history, interesting sculptures and a park within a few blocks, for those of us who like to occasionally get out and recharge.
  2. Starbucks: The lines were long at times, but knowing that my Chai Latte was just a floor below was reassuring.
  3. Green volunteer tees: The green and white tie dye volunteer t-shirts were a treat for the eyes when my brain went into a tech overload. I secretly wished they had extra ones I could grab:-)
  4. Conference rooms: Well-lit with tall ceilings and big screens for the speaker slides and enough room even when all the seats were taken. The classroom style setup was very convenient to place your notebook/laptop, phone, water bottle and what not rather than scrambling for things from your bag.
  5. The schedule: Well planned and well-balanced sessions. There was something for every aspect of your business or website – from blogging to designing, developing, maintaining and testing, sprinkled with some legal advise as well.
  6. Food truck: Yes, the wait was long and the sun was shinning bright, but the Hefty Gyros Falafel and Chicken Pita was well worth the wait and true to its name, it was so filling. Every bite was incredibly delicious.
  7. Speed networking: It was the perfect recipe for introverts looking to build connections. Although I felt strange and awkward at the beginning, by the end of it, I found my group and connected with folks from my neck of the woods. We ended up chatting for another half hour after the session.
  8. Chicken Chingalingas: At first I chuckled when I heard that name. Every bite was yummy and paired perfectly with the guacamole and salsa.
  9. Refreshing drinks: After a long day of connecting and soaking up content, it was refreshing to drink into the watermelon/mint beverage.
  10. Speakers: The skilled and friendly speakers who took time out of their busy schedules to share their knowledge. It was a pleasure to connect with some of them in-person and get their perspective and advice.
  11. Colorful stickers: It’s great to have some fun and colorful goodies to bring back to my son and see his eyes twinkle.
  12. Fudge Brownies: They were a pleasant and tasty surprise, as I was dashing out from the Happiness Bar to get to the next sessions, with pangs of hunger.
  13. Happiness bar: It was perfectly arranged to have a comfortable convo with the speakers and discuss questions.
  14. Jennifer Bourn: Her energy and enthusiasm is so contagious. She continues to inspire me by the way she juggles her work, business, family and still finds time for blogging and other fun activities.

(*in no particular order)

Thanks to the organizers, sponsors, and volunteers who made the event possible. It was great to come back a second time and meet the amazing WordPress community. Well worth the drive from Santa Clara!

To Peace, Love, and WordPress.