Reviews and Testimonials

Here are some good words that my colleagues said about my work.

Hard-working and thorough

I’ve been working with Femy on WordPress documentation since her joining the team. She started with documenting end user changes in 5.8 release and have done amazing job with it. Since then she’s involved in every WordPress release and has been essential for end user documentation in each.

Femy is a hard working and thorough, and have wide development experience to independently deliver high quality technical documentation with deep understaning of the topic. Her contributions to the WordPress Documentation team are invaluable and she has become indispensable for the team. I’d dare to say that the whole WordPress community and beyond should do whatever it takes to keep her contributing sustainable as she does make all the difference.
By Femy Praseeth a WordPress content creator and artist in San Jose, California

Milana Cap

WordPress Engineer at XWP

Perseverance, great attention to details and quality

Femy Praseeth is a pleasure to work with. We have been collaborating on the documentation team of the WordPress open-source project for the last 18 months. I have found her to be extremely well organized, considerate in cross-team collaboration, and eager to learn new feature. She has strong sense for quality and compassion for end user of WordPress, which makes here work on the documentation so invaluable for the WordPress ecosystem.

With her perseverance, great attention to details and quality, and consistent contributions she has been instrumental to bringing the end user documentation for the WordPress up to-date. This is certainly not an easy task when each new version brings a vast array of new features to the software and many revisions to existing modules. Besides her own contribution, she has also been a great mentor to new contributors and help them to be also productive on the documentation team and enjoying their success as WordPress contributors.
By Femy Praseeth a WordPress content creator and artist in San Jose, California

Birgit Pauli-Haack

Developer advocate for WordPress

Great flexibility and positivity

Femy previously worked at 3marketeers as a front-end developer and recently returned as a freelancer to help us out during several busy months. She is talented and hard-working and handled surprise rush projects with great flexibility and positivity. It was very easy to work with her on the projects I managed.
Testimonial for Femy Praseeth - Kat

Katarina Johannesson

Art Director at 3marketeers Advertising

Great team player

Femy is detail oriented and creative in her approach, and thorough in her execution, of any project. She is a great team player and always willing to stretch herself in any direction that the project needs. It has been wonderful working with Femy!
Testimonial for Femy Praseeth - Alpana

Alpana Verma-Alag

Co-founder and CEO, Upgrademe, Inc

Great front-end developer

Femy’s a great front-end developer with excellent capabilities in XHTML/CSS/Javascript. She’s especially skilled with skinning ASP.Net websites–working in Visual Studio with .Net’s built-in controls and Telerik’s Rad Control package.
Testimonial for Femy Praseeth - Arthur

Arthur Wait

VP, Engineering, Solutionset

Programming skills are top notch

Femy has incredible attention to detail and is a pleasure to work with. Her design and programming skills are top notch. She is definitely one of the best web developers that I have worked with, and she’s made my job easier.
Testimonial for Femy Praseeth - Lauren Potter

Lauren Potter

Account Manager, Client Services, 3Marketeers

Personable, smiling, and friendly

It was always great to work with Femy on the projects I managed. She was always personable, smiling, and friendly – bright and early every morning! She clearly cares about the quality of her work and the code she writes, as she would seek feedback and review, when possible. If you have the opportunity to work with her, I highly recommend her.

Testimonial for Femy Praseeth - Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson

Senior Web Developer, Solutionset

Extreme attention to detail

Femy worked with us on a very demanding project with multiple moving parts that required extreme attention to detail and extending beyond a normal workday. Femy provided wonderful assistance to our team with her valued expertise and professionalism. We were very fortunate to have her during that stretch and are so pleased she’s back with us again.
Testimonial for Femy Praseeth - Jennifer

Jennifer McClenon

Marketing and Advertising Professional, 3Marketeers

Technically savvy and reliable

Femy is not only very professional, technically savvy and reliable, she is a joy to work with.
Testimonial for Femy Praseeth - Dale McGrew

Dale McGrew

CTO and Co-founder, GoLightly

Extremely efficient developer

Femy is an extremely efficient developer. She worked on a Site Core demo site for me and not only accomplished what I asked, but more.
Testimonial for Femy Praseeth - Edwin

Edwin Lee

Vice President, Solutionset

Very easy to work with

Femy is great and very easy to work with. She’s capable, responsive and produces good work.
Testimonial for Femy Praseeth - Brennan

Brennan Hom

Technical Program Manager, Solutionset

Very clean and professional work

Femy is an absolute joy to work with. She’s very knowledgeable as a front end developer and takes the time to make sure things are right the first time. Her work is very clean and professional and her attitude is great…all the time! She’ll take the time to help you even if she is already booked. Femy is a great asset to SolutionSet.
Testimonial for Femy Praseeth - Jaimie

Jaime Lutz

Project Manager, SolutionSet

Willing to go the extra mile to get the job done

I had an opportunity to work with Femy on several projects at Samsung Telecoms. Femy is a very thoughtful, creative and hard working Software Engineer. She has an immense desire to succeed and always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done, with such high quality results. I believe that Femy will be a great asset to any organization and I strongly recommend her.
Femy Praseeth: Custom WordPress websites for purpose driven organizations

David Vu

Staff Engineer, Samsung Telecoms

Diligent, self motivated hard worker

Femy is a diligent, self motivated hard worker. She tackles all assignments with energy and enthusiasm. Femy was always easy to work with and followed directions very well. Her work was always timely and of professional quality.
Femy Praseeth: Custom WordPress websites for purpose driven organizations

William Farris

Director of Software, Samsung Telecoms

Good words from around

In addition to being nominated as one of the Noteworthy Contributors to several WordPress releases, here are a few good words written by my peers in the WordPress Documentation Team about me on social media.