Accolades and recognition

Noteworthy Contributor to the 5.8 release

I was stoked to see my gravatar popup in Matt Mullenweg’s presentation at the State of the Word! I was also surprised when Milana Cap shared the Credits page with my avatar and name mentioned in it!

Noteworthy Contributor to the 6.0 release

I was thrilled to see my name among the 100s of contributors to the release!

Noteworthy Contributor to the 6.1 release

My first time officially being part of a Release Squad along with Milana Cap and Birgit Paul-Haack for the Docs team. I was excited to see my name on the Release Squad list!

Noteworthy Contributor to the 6.2 release

I am familiar with the process now but still very excited to see my name on the Release Squad list and the Credits page!

Noteworthy Contributor to the 6.3 release

This was my first time leading the Release Squad for the Docs team without the guidance of Milana Cap and Birgit Paul-Haack. It was a learning experience guiding new contributors and onboarding them into the process. From this release, I discovered my love for teaching, and creating videos and tutorials.

Noteworthy Contributor to the 6.4 release

This was my first time being part of an underrepresented gender release.