Femy Praseeth:

WordPress nerd, a11y advocate, singer, dog mom; Powered by chai, puppy hugs, books and creativity.

I love tinkering with code and I’m always looking to learn something new. My current passion is to share what I learn by writing technical content.

I was one of the WordPress Noteworthy Contributors to the 5.8 release.

I have a Master’s in Computer Applications and have been working on the web since 2007.

My journey to being a WordPress developer

  • I build my first website in 1998 before the Internet was popular, with Frontpage & ASP, and hosted it on Geocities!
  • In 2007, I taught myself HTML & CSS and started working as a front-end developer for agencies across CA.
  • In 2015, while working at a startup, I set up my first WordPress blog for them. Now I work exclusively with WordPress and help organizations and remote teams with WordPress development.

On a personal note

  • I was born and raised in the southern state of India (Kerala), and now live in San Jose, CA with my family and furbaby.
  • I have a Bachelor’s in Physics and a Master’s in Computer Applications from Bangalore, India.
  • I’m a classically trained singer who performs for various Indian music groups in Bay Area.
  • I love photography and looking for poetry in the ordinary.
  • When I’m not coding, you’ll find me reading, drinking way too much chai, or playing with my cuddly doodle.

Giving back

Blindness affected my family in more ways than one and I love to give back to The Himalayan Cataract Project, a nonprofit working to eradicate blindness in the developing world.

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